Pot and bundle contents
Delicious Pasta Bolognese cooked in 3 minutes

From Freezer to Plate in 3 Minutes

Highly nutritious children's food pots heated in a standard microwave, provides you with a healthy meal from freezer to plate in just 3 minutes.

All natural ingredients, with no added salt or sugar, meaning you get all the convenience of a ready meal but with no compromise on quality, taste and, most importantly, nutrition.


Take a Look at our Weekly Bundles. We provide 10 pot packs with a selection of dishes to try. Choose between a mixed selection or vegetarian.

Sweet Potato Curry with Rice
Fragrant Sweet Potato Curry with Rice

We never add Salt or Sugar

Sugar and salt are never added to any of our meals. We have a focus on providing the right level of macronutrients to each child. You won't find more nutrition pack into a pot anywhere else.

Thai Veg Curry
Mouth watering Thai Vegetarian Curry