Menu Flexibility and Ownership

Create your own weekly menu and have the flexibility to adjust whenever your want. Reduce waste by cooking only what you need and don't let food stop you giving children extra sessions at short notice.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Give all your staff the ability to prepare food in no more than 30 minutes. Select the food, put it in the oven, press the button and come back to serve 90 minutes later. It's that simple.

Save space that can be used for childcare

All you need is a freezer and an oven. The food comes out of the oven ready to serve. No need for large preparation areas. The space you save can be converted into space for childcare.

Thermal Box

Do you have hot meals brought in daily?

We had a lot of experience with this method of service. Typically this suits because you don't need a large kitchen space and extra staff to cook food. However, you often find that the quality of food suffers during transport and errors in ingredients occur as a result of all food needing to be prepared earlier in the day before being transported. When designing our process we sought to overcome the problems with hot meal delivery:

  • We wanted that "just baked" smell and texture
  • We wanted the flexibility to make alterations on the day e.g. reducing or increasing amounts, catering for tastes etc
  • We wanted to serve at the point the meal had finished cooking.

Do you cook hot meals on site?

You typically choose this approach because you believe that parents prefer this approach and you have the flexibility to make what you like. It provides great textures and smells, in addition to giving you the opportunity to make meal times a learning experience. However, the dream of cooking your own food doesn't always live up to the hype. When designing our process we sought to overcome the problems with cooking your own food:

  • We wanted to avoid being over reliant on key staff members
  • We wanted easy preparation that took no more than 30 minutes
  • We wanted a simple ordering and selection process that in combination took no more than 15 minutes per week
  • We wanted to ensure that space used was limited to the size of a simple food storage and preparation area
Exhausted team of chefs in the kitchen

Next Steps...

To learn more about how we can help you improve the quality of the food you serve and how you serve it, get in touch to arrange a free visit which includes some tasty samples.