Eco centred food supplier to Early Years

How often do your meal times cause you stress?

What if I could tell you that you would no longer have need to stress because your food hasn't been prepared on time, or that you aren't having to cover for team members who have let you down? What if I could tell you that you could tell people with confidence that you provide all children with consistently tasty food that's scientifically proven to be the most highly nutrituous in the country?

By combining the knowledge and experience of childcare providers and children's food specialists, we have been able to design the optimal meal time process to ensure Healthy Children and Happy Staff. By loading the food into our trolleys and at the press of a single button by any member of staff, you will have the perfect meal ready to serve 90 minutes later.

Healthy Children

We provide food in partnership with Nanna Kay's Healthy Food company. Nanna Kay was specifically chosen as their food is scientifically proven to be the healthiest pre-prepared food designed for children. A PERFECT CHOICE for those parents that demand the best.

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Happy Staff

Our process is designed to make meal times hassle-free for all staff. We provide you with the equipment and training to make EVERY MEAL TIME SIMPLE for management and staff.

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Next Steps...

To learn more about how we can help you improve the quality of the food you serve and how you serve it, get in touch to arrange a free visit which includes some tasty samples.